(08.2008 - 11.2013) Koç University - Bachelor of Eng, Mechanical Eng. (Full Scholarship)             

  • Assistantship at MARC (Manufacturing and Automation Research Center) and RML (Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory) 

  • Published “Vibrotactile Feedback in Steering Wheel Reduces Navigation Errors during GPS-Guided Car Driving” (Proceedings of IEEE World Haptics Conference and New scientist)

  • Founder & Lecturer in KU Game Engineers Club and KU Robotics Club

  • Courses taken:

    • Advanced Programming (C,C++, Data Structures)     

    • Computer Graphics (OpenGL) 

    • Mobile Device Programming (Objective C) 

    • Computer Integrated Manufacturing 

    • Computer Simulation and Modelling (C++)

    • Mechanical Eng. Design (Unigraphics) 

    • Mechatronics

    • Robotics



(10.2020) Udacity: Robotics Software Engineer Nanodegree Program

  • Taken online courses and delivered projects on topics:

    • ROS Fundamentals

    • Gazebo & Rviz

    • Mapping and SLAM


(09.2020) Udacity: Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program

  • Taken online courses and delivered projects on topics:

    • Computer Vision (Python, OpenCV)

    • Deep Learning 

    • Localization (Extended Kalman Filters, Particle Filters, MCL) 

    • Path Planning and Navigation (PID Control)

  • Converted an ATV into autonomous car (OpenCV, Python, RealSense D435 & T265)


(03.2021) Udacity: Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program

  • Currently taking online courses and delivering projects on topics:

    • Foundations of Agile and Agile Frameworks

    • Agile Planning and Prioritization

    • Progress, Communication, and Organizational Agility

(01/2020 - now ) WalkOVR Technologies | Senior Software Developer & Team Leader

  • Developing the OVRPortal desktop application and published regular releases with updates
    (QT Creator, C++, Bluetooth, TCP Socket, Database Connection)

  • Managing the project development process as the technical team leader

  • Performing communication with customers and delivering technical supports

  • Reshaped UI & UX design by customer feedbacks, hence users active usage duration increased more than %34

  • Improved the motion detection algorithms in embedded software (STM32, Keil, C)

  • Gained extensive experience about VR and Mocap systems, IMU sensors and Sensor Fusion

  • Taking active roles on mass production stages of products


(11/2017 -  12/2019) Devim DesignLab | Founder & Project Manager

  • Delivered software and hardware product prototypes and MVPs for more than 12 start-ups;

    • Butterfly Dress; a wearable tech project which is exhibited in 2047 Apologue exhibition that is held in major cities of China many times (Wifi)

    • Avus; IoT smart city project to betterment city life (Sensors, 3G, Lora) 

    • ThingShower; Pocket size UVC sterilizer product

    • Movero; Mobile telepresence robot for remote monitoring (4G, RPLidar, Mobile Robotics)

  • Gathered deeper knowledge about various sectors by providing technical consultancy for diverse start-ups

  • Coordinated several developer teams for each project​

(04/2015 - 11/2017) Milklab Creative Technologies | Mechatronics Project Developer

  • Initiated various R&D Projects;

    • Developed a 6 DOF robotic arm for exhibitions (C++, Dynamixel Servo Motors)

    • Prototyped an omni wheel mobile robot (C++, ARM, PID control, RPLidar, ROS)

  • Acquired opportunity to work with well-known international companies

  • DriVR Simulator; (for KIA Motors)

    • Designed overall simulator system by using prior simulation work experience

    • Supported software developer team on developing motion algorithms (C++)

    • Ensured the coordination between software and hardware developer teams 

  • SmARt Engine; (for Exxon Mobil1) 

    • Leaded the development and integration process of products in Turkey

    • Resided in London for customer support and customer experience observations

    • Designed the electronics and embedded software (C++, Motor Drivers, BLE, Li-ion Batteries)

  • Beauty Assistant; (for Unilever)

    • Leaded the project by performing on site observations to understand customer needs and requests

    • Built software for depth camera integration and testing with users (C++, RealSense)

  • BarillaIQ; (for Barilla)

    • Performed software integration of object detection on touchscreen displays (Java)

    • Assisted the project team on exhibition area

  • Achieved national and global awards as a team;

    • Crystal Apple 2015: 2nd Place (Direct Marketing & Marketing at Sales Point)

    • MediaCat Felis 2016: 1st Place (Media & b2b)  (Direct Marketing & Innovative Technology)

    • MediaCat Felis 2016: Achievement Awards (User Experience Design) (Mobile & Augmented Reality) 

    • Crystal Apple 2016: 1st Place (Innovative Technology & Digital Media Usage)


(12/2013 - 07/2014) SANLAB R&D and Simulations | R&D Engineer

  • Forklift, Backhoe Loader and Excavator simulation & simulator systems;

    • Analyzed and reported performance tests of simulation software

    • Presented a new product solution for transferring sensor data between simulator and simulation (Linux, C++)

    • Developed calibration software for I/O modules in simulator cabinets (QT Creator, C++)


(07/2013 - 12/2013) Gelecek Robotics Technologies | Robotics Engineer

  • Gained experience about fundamentals of startup environment

  • 6 DOF Modular Robotic Arm Project for rehabilitation  

    • Implemented proper data structures and algorithms for performance improvements (C++)

    • Fixed bugs in the inverse kinematics calculations 


(10/2012 - 06/2013) | Founder

  • Launched online shopping website for selling DIY robotics parts

  • Negotiated and became the distributor of Elecfreaks in Turkey

  • Managed all administrative works

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