About Me

I'm a passionate "Maker" with mechanical engineering degree. I love spending time with projects involving mechanical design, production and programming. With different team members, I have been involved in many mechatronics projects to improve my skills and knowledge and some of them awarded.


Yet, I feel myself belong to nature (more than a workshop) when I lay down on grass with my camping bag. Also when ride my motorbike through roads with trees around. Canyon and cave explorations are my passion in nature.

Scuba Diving is one of my favorite hobby to explore the magical underwater world and to experience sense of flying!

On the theater stage, I find myself at the flow state when performing improvisational plays with my friends.

A pen and a piece of paper are my best friends for sketching something since my childhood and also I enjoy oil painting. However, I don't keep my paintings at all and I give them away to my friends as precious gifts.


Travelling, seeing new places and meeting with new people is a great pleasure for me.

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